Clear Path Recordings have created 5 unique audio breathing and relaxation tracks for use anywhere, anytime, by anyone. We also provide Professional Development Training in the workplace which will help staff to manage stress and work more effectively resulting in a happier and healthier workforce. 

Through these simple but powerful guided breathing and relaxation practices your body and mind will be able to have complete rest and you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed on all levels.

We are open for business

We are extremely pleased to announce that Clear Path recordings is OPEN FOR BUSINESS ! That means our long-awaited Audio tracks to help you release tension and relax fully are now ready for purchase and download. We also provide Workplace Training where businesses and... read more

STRESS is slowly killing us

Stress is the root of most of our health problems. It is now understood that 90% of illness is related to stress and only 1% is related to Genetics (Bruce Lipton, The Science behind Yoga).  This occurs due to the body producing “fight and flight” hormones when it... read more

Our Audio Relaxation Tracks

Our audio tracks will help you or your staff to relax fully and manage stress better. We also have a specific track that will help ensure a good night’s sleep. Embrace a proactive approach to relaxing the body and calming the mind.

Workplace consultation & training

Our professional staff will come to you at your workplace and provide you with a training session where you and your staff will experience first hand true relaxation. We also facilitate discussion about stress and how it effects our body and mind a how we can learn to manage stress and tiredness. This will provide your staff with an immediate, accessible and proactive approach to Workplace Health and Well being.

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A proactive approach to relaxing the body and calming the mind.